Gamification Solutions – The Way of the Future

by Natasha Ambavle |

Gamification Solutions – The Way of the Future

gamification solutions

Do you know what’s the most effective way to persuade children to do their best and complete a given assignment on time? The answer is simple and the formula universal – Rewards and Gamification. In this case, the rewards may come in the form of stickers or a ‘Best Assignment Trophy’ while the gamification element … Read more

Decoding Customer Engagement Marketing

What happens when a brand ‘talks’ to you through various channels or keeps you engaged and entertained with its content?  ”The brand becomes a household name that you trust, connect with, and eventually associate with,” is probably your answer. This is precisely the strongest factor behind the success of well-known brands like Netflix, Uber, and … Read more

Vital Techniques and Strategies to Improve Customer Engagement

customer engagement strategies

In today’s competitive market, quality products and excellent service do not guarantee a good customer conversion rate. Customer retention is based on many factors such as customer engagement and customer experience. However, the former has a much larger impact and can even positively impact customer experience. Customer engagement programs are the cornerstone of brand-building activities … Read more

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