5 Effective Social Media Contest Ideas to Increase Engagement

by Bistriti Poddar |

5 Effective Social Media Contest Ideas to Increase Engagement


In order to thrive in a competitive landscape, businesses need engaged customers. Shoppers who engage with a brand daily are 2x more likely to make more purchases than others. The easiest way to engage with customers and go viral is through social contests. Social media has become an inseparable part of consumers’ daily activities. Users … Read more

The Top 12 Ways Companies Gave Back to Customers in 2015

The top 12 ways in which companies rewarded their customers this year.

The holidays are a time to give back and reflect on what went right (um, and wrong) this year. During this convivial time, we’d like to take a minute to appreciate the ways in which companies gave back to customers via brand advocacy and customer loyalty this year.  The reward of doing so isn’t just … Read more

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Retweets (and then some)

The old saying goes, ‘a picture’s worth a thousand words’. In the new age of social media, this is more true than ever. Visual social sites, Pinterest and Instagram, blew up last year. Other social giants strove to catch up with update after update, optimizing their newsfeeds to make them more visual. Twitter, known for … Read more

The Real Desperate Socialites of eCommerce


Meet Alicia, she Tweets about her grocery runs, Instagrams her morning coffee, sends Facebook invites instead of invitations and enjoys long walks on the beach. But Alicia has a problem, she is so inundated by social media that she can only spare a few seconds of her attention. She gets an alert that her friend … Read more

Driving Conversions with Shares

Likes and follows are great, but they don’t always translate directly to sales. Likes and follows build authenticity and fandom, but in order to increase conversions and drive quality traffic, businesses must focus on shares. According to Nielsen, 84% of consumers worldwide trust word of mouth recommendations from their friends and family. Shares are the … Read more

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