The Science Behind Customer Retention

by Natasha Ambavle |

The Science Behind Customer Retention

The year 2020 shed light on the significance of customer retention and since then, it has been the talk of the town! While everyone stresses the importance of adopting this strategy, there isn’t much speculation about why and when you should focus on retention. In this article, we will learn about when you need to … Read more

Strategic Advantages and a Playbook to Improve Customer Retention

Imagine collecting seashells from the shore, putting them in your beach bag, then returning home to find the bag was torn, and you were left with nothing! As a company, if you have faced a similar predicament of securing new customers through expensive marketing strategies and failing to retain them, you’ve wasted important time and … Read more

Fundamental Strategies to Reduce Churn Rate

Brands invest heavily in customer acquisition, expecting and anticipating that these newly acquired customers will have a high customer lifetime value and remain associated with the brand for a long time. But customer churn is as inevitable and unpredictable as the stock market. According to a study by Kolsky, “1 in 26 unhappy customers will … Read more

Lessons in Marketing – Customer Loyalty and Customer Retention

customer loyalty and retention

At first glance, you would assume that customer loyalty outweighs customer retention. Who doesn’t want a strong set of loyal customers? Retaining customers may seem less important compared to having loyal customers, but what most fail to understand is that customer retention is a very important stage that leads to customer loyalty. How can you … Read more

Retain More Customers in 2021

Retain Customers

Imagine spending thousands on marketing campaigns and strategies to acquire new customers every year…and then routinely losing these customers to competitors or a new trending product in the market! Each year, companies across various sectors allot a whopping figure solely for customer acquisition. But to make the most of this investment, a company must have … Read more

Client Retention and Strategies for 2021-22

Client Retention Strategies

Brands and companies across the world are focusing more on client retention programs as compared to customer acquisition. Ever wondered why? The answer is simple. Repeat purchases are cost-efficient, and more importantly, they promote brand loyalty. Loyal customers have a high customer value and are an asset to any company. They spend more on the … Read more

Making the Shift: Becoming a Customer-centric Brand


2021 is the time to put customer needs at the forefront. In the age of empowered customers, companies need to go the extra mile to find out what the customer really wants in order to earn their loyalty and establish a lasting relationship. Did you know that client-centric companies are 60% more profitable (Deloitte)? Customers … Read more

How Loyalty has Evolved Beyond Transactional-only Based Rewards | Annex Cloud Blog

loyalty has evolved beyond transactional-only based rewards

What springs to mind when you think of customer loyalty? Loyalty programs in the form of cards, points, rewards and other incentives. But while loyalty programs can bring customers through the door, they must go beyond transactional-based rewards to create a long lasting relationship with the customer. A points-based reward system leads to transactions but … Read more

How Loyalty Impacts your Business and Why it Matters


In times when fierce competition and consumer volatility are commonplace, loyalty plays a vital role for every marketer. Loyalty is a surefire way to help you differentiate yourself from your competitors, solidify your brand community and increase customer lifetime value. Your customers should be at the core of everything you do, it’s about creating the … Read more

Customer Reward Programs are a Vital Marketing Strategy

Customer Rewards

While winning new leads and acquiring new customers are key, focusing on retaining existing customers by having effective customer rewards solutions is a growing priority for most marketers. According to the annual State of Marketing research, 63% of top performing marketers believe in and are already using customer rewards programs. An effective customer reward program … Read more

Looking to Reduce Churn? Know How Client Retention Works

client retention

Companies with high-quality products, top-notch service, and personalized user experiences don’t just attract new clients, they retain their existing clients. Most loyal clients don’t just buy one product or use a company’s service once, they will come back time and time again. As a result, client retention increases the lifetime benefit of a company and … Read more

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