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Mistakes your Business should avoid on Twitter

Twitter can be one of the best things that can help your business growth and expansion only if used correctly and accurately. There are certain tips which are of utmost importance when you talk about your business on Twitter, as what you post and share can make or break your business reputation online and offline. … Read more

Facebook Timeline, how it works and its potential impact on Business?

Facebook Timeline

Facebook is evolving and introducing new features every passing day. The latest buzz is created by the newly launched Facebook timeline with unique changes and updates. The new timeline gives in the user a wide open space for an image; the first thing people see when they visit the profile. No worries about picture cropping … Read more

Ways to strengthen your business online reputation worldwide.


English is recognized as a global language and this norm is also commonly seen on internet. But in order to expand your business globally to a greater extent it’s important to connect to the masses despite the cultural and linguistic constraints. Hereby comes in the need of a multilingual business platform to reach out to … Read more

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