The Do’s and Don’ts of Designing a Customer Appreciation Program

by Natasha Ambavle |

The Do’s and Don’ts of Designing a Customer Appreciation Program

Customer appreciation can be explained with a simple concept of planting a seed and nurturing it. Without constant care and support, you cannot expect it to grow and flourish. The same goes for any relationship be it friendship or customer-brand equation. In this article, we give you a list of do’s and don’ts you need … Read more

How Loyalty Influences Branding

In the business world, two important factors that differentiate laggards from leaders are – Branding and Loyal Customers. Branding is the distinct identity of a brand that separates it from its and competitors and loyal customers are the backbone of a strong brand. According to Harvard Business Review, “Loyalty leaders grow revenue roughly 2.5x faster … Read more

The Interplay of Loyalty

There is a lot of talk lately around customer loyalty, how to be effective and ultimately successful. One aspect often missed is that loyalty is a two-way street. As marketers, we expect our customers to be loyal to us–but are we being loyal to our customers? This is a great read to help you think … Read more

Exploring The Customer-Centric Approach

If the Customer is King, isn’t it obvious that your business and marketing strategies must be designed keeping your customers in mind? A Deloitte report that states, “Customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable” reiterates the fact that designing a customer-centric approach is more valuable than focusing simply on profits. But what exactly is a customer-centric … Read more

Building Brand Value that Connects with Customers

Companies and organizations spend millions on creating marketing campaigns that are designed to build a positive brand image, a better connect with the audience and improve brand recall value. These brand-building activities may not have an immediate pay-off but their returns are more valuable than short-term gains. These strategies help to improve the brand’s value … Read more

Lessons from Australian Loyalty Landscape

A study by Mastercard – Achieving Advocacy and Influence in a Changing Loyalty Landscape, that surveyed 7,000 loyalty program members, across the Asia Pacific region, reports that Australia is one of the more mature markets in the loyalty space.  With 9 out of 10 Australians actively participating in one or more loyalty programs, the continent … Read more

Top Customer Communication Frustrations and How to Solve Them

customer frustration

Unhappy customers are a part of the job. As a brand, you simply cannot please all your customers. Unsatisfied customers are bound to pop up time and again, pointing out flaws in your systems and raising flags in your strategies. However, taking them lightly is a luxury you simply cannot afford. Frustrated customers reverse years … Read more

Deconstructing the Concept of Product Loyalty

People have a tendency to form preferences and associate themselves with people and things they either have similarities with or things that resonate with their values and aspirations. This is all part of the social construct which is reflected even in theories such as In-group favoritism and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. This sociological factor also … Read more

Why Customer Loyalty is at the heart of Winning Marketing Strategies

customer loyalty

The mantra to staying ahead of the competition and gaining traction in an overly saturated market is- Customer is King! All marketing gurus harp on the importance of keeping customers happy in order to increase customer loyalty. Customer loyalty is the new currency, more valuable than dollars and pounds. Loyal customers dictate your brand value, … Read more

Loyalty Solutions and their Impact on Businesses

loyalty solutions

What do Reebok, Starbucks, and IKEA have in common? All are leading players in their respective industries, and each has a strong brand following. That powerful brand loyalty distinguishes them and puts them way ahead of their competition, giving the brand an almost cultlike status in some markets. Thanks to their highly efficient loyalty solutions, … Read more

Vital Techniques and Strategies to Improve Customer Engagement

customer engagement strategies

In today’s competitive market, quality products and excellent service do not guarantee a good customer conversion rate. Customer retention is based on many factors such as customer engagement and customer experience. However, the former has a much larger impact and can even positively impact customer experience. Customer engagement programs are the cornerstone of brand-building activities … Read more

Building Customer Loyalty in 2021-22

In a fast-changing world, where customers are exposed to numerous brands and products each day, surviving and thriving in this competitive era has become a bigger challenge. While customer acquisition may help with business expansion, loyal customers will help the brand sail through the sea of rivals and create a distinct identity of the brand … Read more

Understanding Loyalty Card Systems

Loyalty Card System

The loyalty system dates back to the 18th Century when American retailers started giving out copper coins to their customers, which could be redeemed on their next purchase. This marketing strategy gained traction, and copper coins were first replaced with tokens and then stamps. Today, loyalty programs are represented either in the form of plastic … Read more

A Study on Target’s Loyalty Program: The Target Circle

Target's Loyalty Program

In October 2019,  Target introduced a new loyalty offering –The Target Circle. In 2020, The Target Circle celebrated its first anniversary with over 80 million members! The statistics are astonishing, and we’re certain they have already piqued your interest. So what exactly is Target’s loyalty program? What was its impact, and why was it successful? The … Read more

A Complete Know-How of Customer Cards

Customer Card

A few years ago, almost every other person in the US had a COSTCO, Starbucks, or some other membership card from retailers across the country. While most physical cards were replaced with virtual cards, the concept remains and is only gaining momentum – and they provide incredible value to both the brand and its customer. … Read more

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