Steps to integrate Email and Social Media Marketing

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Steps to integrate Email and Social Media Marketing

Integrate Email

Social media is not just about marketing your brands on social networking sites, uploading videos or writing content and circulating it online in forms of whitepapers, blogs, and tutorials etc. Emails are another important aspect which usually gets neglected when one plans their social media marketing strategy. But this year most of the business leaders plan to integrate email marketing in their social media marketing efforts.

This integration matters highly as it increases the number of the audience that share your brand online and more the people share your mail, the more options you have for opens, clicks and conversions. The more eyeballs on your emails, the better chance you have to gain new consumers.

Few steps are illustrated below that might help in integrating emails into the social media marketing plan.

  • Inclusion of social icons in the emails sounds quite obvious but its equally crucial.
  • Asking the people who subscribe you to share and connect in innovative ways, just inclusion of social icons won’t do the job.
  • Having your email dedicated to just one single social network will also help , but keep it simple , user-friendly and easy to understand.
  • Providing incentives in terms of points or discounts via emails, to your subscribers to connect with your brand on other social networks and even recommending and sharing your products.
  • You can even try and promote Email sign-up through your social networking page. Loyal customers who follow you on your company’s fan page will definitely subscribe to your email and might even share it further in their group.
  • Promote Email marketing on your blogs. As blogs are read and have a wider audience that read through them it’s an apt platform to promote email marketing.

Integrating social media with your email will not only make your emails attractive and interactive but also will increase your followers and consumers and which will reflect in your sales. Email is not only the easiest but also the most promising way of exchanging ideas as however the times are changing the value of emails and their usage still remains the same.

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