Social Media’s Influence on Sales

by Social Commerce Guru | Social Media Marketing

At least 72 % of the population in America owns a computer and has access to the internet. Thus online marketing or the new age marketing has become more popular, and people prefer to get their products or at least its information at their footstep rather than them walking up to it. This has highly influenced the sales pattern in the past few years.

The influence of social media on the conversion of sales is outstanding compared to traditional marketing. 97% marketers today believe that including Social Media as a part of the overall business strategy only provides value to the business. Being involved and creating a community using social media has never been as important as it currently is today. It is a proven science that a one-on-one interaction with customers creates a rapport between the consumer and the business. Building trust and loyalty converts into more sales. Social Media is turning out to be an excellent tool to build a strong community that cannot be reached with banners, flyers, commercials, and other ad campaigns. Social interaction between businesses and customers is a growing trend that is increasing sales and growing brand loyalty by keeping in contact with a community on a day to day basis. Statistics show that 67% of shoppers who receive a recommendation from their social media graph are proven to spend more money.

Your business could already have current customers searching for your businesses Fan Page to view news about your company. A Fan Page can be used to represent business news, sales, and events that consumers may be interested in. When consumers are able to learn news in an instantaneous manner, it is more appealing to them. Facebook and twitter are the best platforms to create social interaction with your customer base and create brand loyalty. According to an article published by emarketer it has been said that “when consumers were exposed to social media in addition to other online ad formats or marketing channels, such as search, email and display, the average revenue per order for US advertisers was $280.71—more than double the order size compared to the average of all digital channels”.

Social Media's Influence on Sales

The better connections brands have with consumers, the more likely those consumers will be positively inclined to buy. Many social media ROI models are based on a direct marketing approach with an offer and response approach.

A lot of productive social media marketing efforts are more likely to influence business outcomes. Social media provides brand-advertising benefits and inspire consumers to buy sooner, more quantity, or more often, as well as to choose one brand vs. another.

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