Social Media Wars: Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4

by Sean Ogino |

Social Media Wars: Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4

The Players: Microsoft (Xbox One) vs. Sony (PlayStation 4)

The Game: Social Media


At the end of November, gaming as we know it will change forever (again). That’s because Sony is planning to release the PlayStation 4 on November 15th, and Microsoft is planning to release the Xbox One on November 22nd. It has been over seven years since both companies released a game console, and times are certainly different.

In today’s age of technology, new strategies have sprouted due to the enormous presence of social media. For Sony and Microsoft, it is no different, as both of the two heavyweights have taken to social media to enhance their fan base. With millions of followers on each, both companies have relied heavily on Facebook and Twitter for their marketing campaigns. By utilizing these platforms, they have been able to reach out to consumers with popular posts, new topics, and constant updates. Social media has also allowed hardcore gamers to take to publically voice their opinions on new releases and how they can be improved.

Sony and PlayStation 4

Sony has taken advantage of some unexpected moves by Microsoft in June, including policies on used and shared games. They sent five different tweets relating to this topic that received over 23,000 Retweets and over 8,000 Favorites. They used this momentum to propel a video ad campaign that drew over 11.5 million views on their YouTube channel. This action on social media has allowed them to receive a lot of positive reviews as they capitalized early on, and are currently projected to outsell Microsoft 2 to 1.

Microsoft and Xbox One

Microsoft instead used their social media accounts to stay positive, Tweeting almost 40 Tweets per an hour at fans, asking them questions and receiving feedback. They saw the response to Sony’s social media accounts and decided to change their policy on used games and game sharing. This more interactive and positive approach allowed them to continue reaching more consumers while deflating many of Sony’s talking points. They have also been able to gain momentum through social media about selling not just a gaming console, but an entertainment console.

Here are some interesting notes to add:

  • PlayStation currently has 2.42 million Followers on Twitter and over 34 million Fans on Facebook.
  • Xbox has 1.77 million Followers on Twitter and over 21.5 million Fans on Facebook.
  • Sony hopes to attract hard core gamers with its latest console, but also has added many social and community based features.
  • With Xbox One, Microsoft is hoping to target a wider demographic, aiming to make its gaming console an all in one entertainment system, with features that include live TV integration.

Both Sony and Microsoft are using different tactics to fight the social media battle, and we’ll just have to wait and see which strategy proves victorious.


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