Is Social Media the Most Popular Kid at School?

by Sean Ogino |

Is Social Media the Most Popular Kid at School?

Social Media sites are now a staple in our everyday lives, and for teenagers it is no different. They have grown up with Facebook and Twitter, not knowing the world any differently. Teenagers spend about 5 hours a day online and at least 51% of teenagers will log into a social media site at least once a day. But what do teenagers do all this time on social media? Well for one, they spend this time being distracted from homework and studying. More importantly, they are spending this time browsing online and communicating with friends on what their next big purchase will be. They discuss sales and contests going on at their favorite online retail stores. Most eCommerce sites will use Facebook or Twitter to promote their products, whether it be a huge sale or simply a new product coming out. A majority of them use social media to promote contests for consumers to enter, offering prizes such as discounts or free products just for liking a page.

Teenagers Influencing Each Other

Teenagers are becoming extremely important in each other’s online decision making, using their influence on different social media sites. Over 50% of teenagers say that social media impacts their online shopping decision. With the average teenager having about 201 Facebook friends, acquaintances are able to share different purchases they have made. 60% of teenage girls indicate that when they find a new brand or sale, they want to share it with their best friend or sister. Teenagers are influenced by what their friends are doing, or what other prominent figures are doing. With so much time spent online, they are easily able to access new popular products or trends that they should be observing. This influence allows teenagers all around to be active brand advocates, as word spreads rather quickly online.

Easier Access to Social Media

Nowadays, there are so many ways for an individual to access ones account, whether it’s through a computer, a tablet, or a cell phone. For most, a cell phone is the most convenient as it gives them instant access to social media and eCommerce sites, whether they are at home or on the go. In fact, 1 in every 4 teens is a mobile internet user.  With this easy access to the internet, teenagers are able to take advantage and spend as much time on social media as possible. It is important for companies to realize the importance of teenagers to their business, and how they can positively affect it. Social Media campaigns are a must in today’s economy, and it is important to target the right crowd. An astounding 81% of teenagers use social media as compared to 72% of adults. Companies must not underestimate the power that teenagers hold in decision making and how much they influence one another. More importantly, what teenager doesn’t want to hold that power?

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