Social Media Outsourcing

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Social Media Outsourcing

Social Media OutsourcingSocial Media has evolved over the years and we have seen that more and more brands have now entered the Social zone. The focus is now on how you can stand away from the crowd and get the attention of the consumer. A good social media strategy not only helps you in building relationship with your fans but also makes sure that you are ranked higher in search engine rankings as confirmed by Google’s ranking algorithm. With Social Media being such a strong tool it is important that you make no mistake with your Social strategy and the level of your involvement in social media marketing campaign. As I said the level of your involvement in your social media marketing is one of the key factors in the success or failure of your Social Media campaign and the question to be asked is would you do it yourself or would you outsource? In this article we highlight to you the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing your Social Media work.

Advantages of Outsourcing

As with any outsourced work outsourcing Social media reduces the time and energy spent by the organization on a Social Media campaign. Social Media requires times and there is no particular success formula which can be copied, by outsourcing the work it allows you and your staff to focus more on business related issues.

Social Media is all about creativity, to be different from the crowd and grab people’s attention you need to be swift and have a clear vision on what you are planning ahead. An outside vendor who specializes in this form of marketing can be the difference maker for you, with constant changes happening on social networks it’s important that your company stays on top of its game. An outside vendor could help you in having a clear strategy with the changing technology and mood of the crowd.

Disadvantages of Outsourcing

Social Media is free I am sure you have heard this well in case you plan to outsource tour work it is not. Social media experts are available but they don’t work for free, so if you don’t have resources to do your work Social Media is not free.

Social Media is all about building relationships with you customer and presenting your story in your words, when you outsource your work its not you who is saying your version and that could be the difference as a outside can have different clients and he/she may not be a expert in your industry so when they say it might not echo your voice and also if your fans come to know that they are speaking to some 3rd party and not the company person it can have adverse effects for your brand.

The answer to whether to outsource or not completely depends on your company the type of work that you do and the resources that you have. If you don’t want to outsource your complete work to an outside vendor then you can do a partial outsourcing of your work or maybe you can train your staff for Social Media by hiring an external consultant. The choices are with you and you need to decide what you want to do with your social media work.

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