Social Media Marketing Questions and Assumptions

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Social Media Marketing Questions and AssumptionsThe success of any Social Media Marketing (SMM) campaign depends on how well the campaign was understood before running it. Every brand wants to run a SMM campaign which is not only successful but also shows good results in terms of revenue for them but this only possible if you understand the facts of social media. Depending on what goals were set it is possible to measure the success of any SMM campaign but it’s important that as a brand you clearly define the goals of your social media. In this articles we list out 8 questions that we think you should ask yourself before running a social media campaign and 5 things that you should never assume

Questions To be Asked

  1. What type of customers are you targeting and how far do you wish to expand with your SMM campaign ?
  2. What are your customers preference in terms of content on Social Media with respect to your product ?
  3. Are there are any business similar to your which you can take as a case study ?
  4. What are the goals that you wish to accomplish with your SMM campaign ? Is it “likes”, “followers” , “shares” or other metrics?
  5. How do you plan to measure you SMM campaign ? Do you have any tools in mind that you want to use ?
  6. Do you have the required human resources to implement a SMM campaign or will you need to hire external resources ?
  7. How do you plan to coordinate your social media marketing efforts with your external communications ?
  8. How much do you plan to spend on your Social Media efforts?


Assumptions that should not be made

  1. Social Media is easy
  2. Social Media is free
  3. Social Media cannot be measured
  4. Social Media is only for the big guys
  5. Social Media is Instant Success

Every business is different and so are the customers, the questions which we have listed here should help you in effectively planning out a social business strategy. The more clear and prepared you are with your SMM strategy the higher the chances of you seeing any result with them.

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