Social Media Marketing: How To Fail At It

by Annex Cloud |

Social-Media-MarketingI am sure if you are using Social Media to promote your business then you must have read a lot of stuff on how to improve social media marketing or how to succeed at social media marketing. Ever wondered how you can fail at Social Media Marketing…scary right, but you need to look at the other side of the coin also sometimes. There have been examples of brands who have not devised a proper strategy for using Social Media to promote themselves and have seen a completely different picture of Social Media. We present to you some great ways by which you can fail at Social Media Marketing


  •  Be self centered and self-obsessed talk only about your product, do not engage in any activities of your adherents or do not care for what they care for.
  • Do not work on your profile just leave it idle, do not increment your fan size on social platforms.
  • Keep spamming your adherents with messages and don’t bother to develop any relationships or conversations.
  • Do not bother to include any keywords or keywords in your description or blogs.
  • Do not bother to ask what your readers are looking for or what they contemplate on a certain issue, avoid giving any special deals or giveaways.
  • Over follow the number of people so that they follow you back.
  • Do not work on content, leave imagination and just copy and paste things from your peers.
  • Join every new Social Network that comes up do not bother to decide which is best according to your strategy.
  • Let Social Media be managed by one person in your organization, do not hire a Social Media expert to mange your Social Media Marketing.
  • Scrap your Social Media activity if you do not see any results in the first two months.


 Just follow these plain simple steps and you will succeed in failing at Social Media Marketing. Please free feel to comment and let us know your thoughts on this.


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