Social Media is the New SEO

by Sean Ogino |

Social Media is the New SEO

If you work in the marketing industry, you know that recently social media has been a hot topic in the industry. Social media has been everywhere in the news from the recent election that’s happening to the new integration into businesses called social commerce. One topic that is emerging from the social media stand point is social media is being called the new SEO.

If you haven’t learned the term social signals well it’s another term in the social media space. It’s a term known as recommendations but has emerged to social media recommendations. Some examples include “like”, “retweet”, +1 , “pin it” or “endorse” . These recommendations are becoming very vital in SEO, remember these recommendations don’t play a part in search engine results page. In having just these types of recommendations play in a part of visual part of growing your presence within your audience and having a reach to a potential audience.

Social SEO can benefit your Business

Implementing this social strategy of social seo can help businesses; add this social layer to help them not only to drive conversions and sales, but to give consumers a social shopping experience. Having social users that are already recommending your products via social media can play a big part in having social brand ambassadors that are willing to share your content. These brand ambassadors can play apart and influence their network and reach a whole new ground of territory. Here at social annex we have many tools that can help coincide with this strategy and can ultimately lead to phenomenal results. Implementing one of our social sharing tools like our share and win helps those consumers share an incentive on their social media platform maximizing a business’s outreach to a social consumer’s network. This is one of the many tools that, here at social annex can implement into a business’s site to create a social experience for consumers.

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