Social Media: Don’t Ignore The Power Of Social

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social-mediaSocial Media has set the tone for E-Commerce over the last five years. We now see brands using social media to promote and to do business. However there are still startups that have a doubt on whether they should use this approach to marketing or go with the traditional approach. In this article we let you know why social media is crucial for your business and why you should not leave this opportunity.

Every customer if they want to make an online purchase today they begin with a search. They Google, research, browse, read reviews and compare prices. They will ask opinions in their social circles to find out what people feel about the brand or if there are any better options than this. In such a case as a brand you can get a real time feedback from the consumer which can help you in understanding the market demands and how you should take your business ahead.

Imagine you are searching a restaurant at a location where you have not been before, as you are driving down the road if you notice billboards which direct you towards the restaurant I am sure that it will make u feel happy and relaxed as you are able to reach the place safely. The same is the case online if people are looking for a brand and they don’t find it there might be a feeling that the brand is not that serious on driving business or maybe it’s not that keen on having an online presence which could be a big drop off for your brand especially among the youth.

Having a presence on Social Media not only gives your brand the much-required exposure but also gives you a chance to engage with your fans and reach to more potential consumers with the help of our fans.

Facebook statistics reveal that there are more than 400 million active users on Facebook and more than 50% of the users update their status on a daily basis. If we look at Twitter also which is probably a business tool rather than a social networking tool, the stats reveal that close to 50 millions tweets are tweeted per day. In fact in an article by E-Marketer it says that by 2012 67% of the US Internet population will be reading blogs once per month. According to a report from E-Consultancy and BigMouth Media, advertising on Social Media is expected to grow to $1.64B by 2013. The key thing over here once you go through these numbers is that the usage of Social Media is increasing and people are making a note of various things across the web. In such a scenario not having your presence on Social Media as a brand will only harm to you rather than doing any good.

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