Social Media Are You Using It The Right Way?

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Social Media Are You Using It The Right Way?

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and with all the other Social Platforms available the one question that comes to mind is Are we using it the right way? or How do we use them to have more business?. Well the answer to this question completely depends on the product that you have, the first and the most important thing that you need to remember is that Social Networking cannot turn a bad product into a good one, but it can spread the word quickly as you build a reputation for excellence. The big question that comes to most people’s mind is How to use Social Media effectively to have more traffic into the business. We present to you some ways which could help you in managing Social Media for your organization:

  1. Locate your Customers. Before we go about using Social Networks the first thing that you would like to know is where are you going to use it, and networks such as Foursquare, Facebook and others already provide you all the tools so that you can find out your audience.
  2. Use Online Advertising. Once you know where your audience is you can start running ads for a specific group if you want based on the information that you have gathered. There are many organizations which have increased their number of rentals in half by using platforms such as Facebook and running ads at a targeted audience.
  3. Interact with your Audience. Make sure that you try to have conversations with your audience once they start visiting your website or Facebook page. Just putting up a blog or Facebook fan page will not help you. If you really want to know what people feel about your product start having interaction’s with them, this will be a strong feedback system for your product.
  4. Promote New products and Services. Offer a sneak peak of your new products, services and features. This will help you in getting critical feedback if you are planning to launch a product and enhance it also depending on the market need.
  5. Find out what people are saying about you. Run a quick search on the Web and find out what’s the view on your company reputation There are various  applications available that could help you with this. Also once you find out the general view start working on the area’s which you feel can be worked on and keep your customers in loop to let them know what is happening.
  6. Increase your reach and find potential customers. Social Media can help your company reach multiple markets at a time. A quick keyword search who help you find customers who are not aware about your product but could benefit from your product or service.
  7. Be innovative and engage beyond business. Build customer forums to have discussions on topics beyond your business this increases customer loyalty towards you and also promotes your brand in a unorthodox manner.
  8. Use your expertise to help others. If you are expert in your industry then why not show it off. Use your domain knowledge to help out and to reach out to people who have concerns in your industry this gives you a word of mouth publicity which again help you in driving traffic to your business.
  9. Find out what’s going on in the industry. Apart from focusing on how to generate more revenue also keep your eyes open for the latest industry updates. Join industry groups on Facebook and LinkedIn to be a part of the larger conversation.

These are some effective ways of going around with Social Media but as I said at the start all this is completely zero if the product does not appeal. So while you try to think on if Social Media is working for your or not think once again. 

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