Social Media and Movie Marketing

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Social Media and Movie Marketing

Movies are one of probably the oldest way people used to socialize with each other(and still is to an extent), long before Social networking sites came into existence. Now with Social Media being a part in everyone’s life there is no doubt that the movie industry has also joined the band wagon of Social. For all those who want to know how the showbiz industry is using Social Media to its advantage, this blog should give you some insights(I am hoping so at least).

In today’s word where millions and billions are spent on making and promoting a movie it’s not that every movie is released everywhere and not every movie gets promoted at multiplexes. TheParanomal Activitytraditional movie marketing method involved press and word of mouth publicity. However things have changed today with people spending more and more time on Social networks movie studios are looking at the Social platforms and the web to figure out how they can market their product. A very good example of Social media promotion for a movie is Paramount’s Paranormal Activity. The film which was made at a very low budget went on to make more than $150 million at the box office. The thing which stood for Paranormal Activity promotion was that it gave its fans have a sense of ownership of the film. Paramount used Facebook to promote the film, partnering with Eventful to let the fans request a screening of the film in their area. The goal was to get 1 million fan requests for the film to enter wide release which was met pretty quickly and the box office showed the results.

Movie studios have used Social Media in different ways to promote their films. Miramax launched “The Miramax eXperience,” on Facebook, which allows Miramax fans to watch movie of thier choice from the available list of movies . This allows fans not only to watch a movie of their choice but also let them play games and share the information on Facebook along with eventually buying a movie. Social Media is used by a lot of movie makers to get a buzz around on their movies. Watching movie previews online has been a old way but the use of social media has changed how information gets exposed to fans. Facebook and Twitter are being extensively used by move studios to let the fans have look at the new trailers. By keeping the buzz alive on various Social platforms about the movie, movie studio have taken the concept of viral marketing to a new level. A good example of this was Inception, Warner Bros did a lot of viral marketing including working with the location based service SCVNGR to promote the film.

On a whole Social Media Marketing is going to be the future of movie marketing the way it is going right now. What are your thoughts ? let us know about it.

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