Social Media and Complaints

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Social Media and Complaints


Social media allows direct contact between customers and the company; this nature can prove as a double-edged sword. As it’s not necessary that the users who use your product will have a positive opinion about it here comes in picture the way you handle your customer complaints online.

But there are few unsaid rules that your company should follow whenever answering customer complaints on social platforms.

  • Be attentive towards your customer complaints because it’s not just the customer who posts it but many others who follow you online become aware about it as it’s on a social platform.
  • Being humble in your approach is also essential. Customers are the ones who make your company, they buy your stuff so they need to be handled in a risk-free way or else if you lose your cool while answering back it might be harmful for your company’s reputation online amongst other leads. Be gentle, modest and convincing while answering this will surely make the complainer cool down and you’ll get the chance to solve the issue.
  • Ignoring, deleting or delaying response to negative comments can prove to be fatal. Attempting to do any of these might just harness your image in a negative light out in public and even turn away the potential customers you might have started to gain. Respond back to the complaints your company get’s as it is a grand opportunity for you to explain your side of story or at least convince the user that it will be solved gaining in customer trust.
  • Following up after a matter is solved is essential as it clears your reputation among all the customers and even raises your credentials of solving issues and customer queries.
  • There might be users who without any specific reason constantly bad mouth your company online, ignoring such people is better than trying to reply back and get into an argument.

No company is perfect and thus will have to face shortcomings, but the art lies in how one overcomes the hurdles and turns them into building blocks leading towards success.

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