Boosting Conversions with Social Login for Cosmetics

by | Mar 3, 2017 | Identity Management

Business solutions such as Social Login and loyalty programs work well when they are integrated into one unified platform. The reason for this is, they properly complement each other’s functionality. As loyal customers tend to buy more, making it easier for them to login on your website for each purchase doesn’t just ensures high repurchase rate, but also a heightened customer experience. The success that Ouidad, a haircare expert, has witnessed due to the unified platform is a telling example, that proves that using Social Login for cosmetics companies, along with the vitality of loyalty platform, can assist in bucketing short-term as well as long-term goals.

Ouidad approached us with a clear cut goal of gaining loyalty from their broad online customer base by energizing strong communication with them. Their team also wanted to better connect its online and salon experience.

After analyzing its goals, which were complex and multidimensional, we decided to provide two different solutions for buyers in two different phases of their journeys. As Ouidad has a strong support base on social media platforms, we implemented Social Login. As it eases out the registration as well as checkout process, it proved helpful in realizing a part of the goal, which was to make most of its social following. To maintain the customers’ familiarity with the brand, we customized the Social Login buttons to match the look and feel of Ouidad and its site. Besides, as our platform supports third party integrations, connecting Social Login with Ouidad’s Magento platform was an easy task.

ouidad social login

For the remaining part of the goal, which was to generate the loyalty and reduce the disparity between the online and salon experience, we implemented a customized Customer Loyalty Program. You can learn more about it in our case study with them, and see how we achieved the following results:

  • The average order value (AOV) for loyalty members is 13% higher than the site-wide AOV
  • Repeat purchase rate has gone up by 12%.
  • Reward redemption rate is 28%, more than triple the industry average of 9%.

And here’s what Ouidad’s e-commerce director had to say about our loyalty program…

ouidad quote

Ouidad’s isn’t the only successful case of implementing Social Login for cosmetics companies. Other clients that are using Social Login for cosmetics commerce are seeing the following conversion rates for shoppers that use Social Login:

  • Premium makeup brand: 43% conversion rate
  • Youth-oriented makeup brand: 41%
  • Mid-range makeup brand: 20%
  • Premium skincare line: 27%

To take a deeper dip into how we exactly did it and what Ouidad has to say about this extremely successful model, you must go through this case study!

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