How Social Login Benefits Online Business

by Sean Ogino | Identity Management

As the internet has grown and become a part of our everyday lives, the typical user has easily accumulated more than a dozen accounts on many different websites, each requiring a unique user name and password. Because of this, it can be easy to forget what passwords were created. What ends up happening most of the time is that the same passwords get recycled on every site, opening a Pandora’s box of security issues.

Social Login alleviates the registration issue by giving the user the ability to login using one of their social network accounts. This way the user does not have to take the time a figure out what password was used to create the account. While Social Login offers a user the benefit of a one click registration, it also offers its own set of benefits for a retailer such as lower abandonment rate. Research shows that when most users are faced with the prospect of filling out an extensive registration form or having to recover and reset passwords, more than 92% of shoppers will abandon a website.

Why Social Login?
People will have accounts on at least one social network, with Facebook being the most popular one. Facebook alone has more than 1.19 billion active users, with Twitter at 232 million active users. Since its inception Google+ has more than 540 million active users. Based on the user data it makes a no brainer to offer social login on your website. Here are some other reasons why your business would benefit from Social Login.

Social Login Stats

Its Convenient:
Lets be honest for a second. Filling out a registration form can be irritating and tedious, and will try anyone’s patience. Add to the fact that you still need to come up with a unique password, can quickly make the users experience less than pleasant. What Social Login does is cut down the registration process to a single click. Users can log in with their social credentials of their choice and get access to a websites content quickly. having social login helps a business improve their registration conversions.

Users will Spend More Time on your Site:
Users will spend more time on a site because Social Login makes engagement easier. Because they are connected to their social networks users will share what they feel is worth sharing with their friends and followers. If they come a across a good promotion or product they will share that. The more time they spend on a site the higher chance your brand will be shared on their social networks. This helps create higher brand awareness. The more time spent on a site by a user helps SEO efforts by improving your search rankings.

Creates a Personalized Experience:
Social Login creates a personalized experience for each person that registers on your site. Once logged in the user is presented with product suggestions even before they start shopping. This gives each user a personalized experience on your site. By mining social data it helps retailers better understand shopper behavior by making useful product suggestions. In turn this helps improve sales and increases conversion rates.

Social Login Client Stats

Facilitates Repeat Customers and Credibility:
Social Login increases your chances for repeat business. By making it easy for visitors to register on your site and creating a personalized experience more often than not it will boost your positive reviews and increase your chances of repeat purchases. It lets them continue to socialize on your site and share with friends and followers what products they like. Not only is this great for branding but it gives your site credibility. You attain credibility when you can persuade site visitors into believing that you care about their needs and requirements. The analytics that you receive from Social Login can help create more opportunities for higher sales and lasting customer relationships.

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  1. MichealPolk
    on May 13, 2015 at 5:54 am

    So does things like Digg and Reddit now count as search engine optimisation? I was told they help because of the latest algorithm update

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