Social Commerce – Who, What, and Why

by Sean Ogino |

Social Commerce – Who, What, and Why

Who- Numerous companies are currently stuck in this internal debate on whether or not to implement a social layer to their ecommerce site. Will this disrupt and throw off the feel of our page? Will this ruin the branding that we have worked so hard to establish? How will our customers react? These are all questions that companies ask when they are debating on making changes to their ecommerce sites, especially ones that involve social. But there is no need to worry, you don’t have to be the guinea pig. Big names such as Groupon and Ebay have already taken the plunge into the social commerce world and their customers are responding in a big way.

What- There are many things that companies are doing today to socialize their ecommerce sites. Ebay has recently released their new view that has a big social layer added to it. The new look features recommendations that will change and alter depending on your search history, and the algorithms will change as you interact with the feed. Customers of the store have mentioned that they need more browsing and inspiration capabilities and they have responded. The next thing to launch for Ebay is this social community layer for customers. Users will now be able to share their feeds or fallow other feeds. Many companies have also seen great success with incentive based sharing features, social contest, social loyalty programs, and friend referral programs.

Why- There are many reasons why companies are propelling themselves into this new found realm of social commerce. Social Commerce Today references 3 reasons behind why social is so important, two of which coming from the mouth of Co-Founders of Groupon, Eric Lefkoskey and Brad Keywell.

1. Social Commerce helps businesses get online.
2. Social Commerce helps your business grow faster.
3. Social Commerce increases word of mouth sales. Which can be worth 44% of how much each customer is worth to you.

You have seen who is doing it. You have seen what they are doing. You have seen the facts.

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