Social Commerce : The Way To Go About For Start-Up’s

by Social Commerce Guru | Social Commerce

Social CommerceE commerce or Social Commerce has been around now for some time and has now become a growing industry. It has added a layer of easiness to the shopping process, especially for people who hate shopping by making shopping a very social experience.

Social Networking platforms such as Facebook have already taken a step into this by allowing brands to set up stores in their domain and exploring a completely new word for the consumer and brand. It’s fair to say that not everyone has jumped into this medium so far, as most brands still believe in getting the customer onto the website and then making the sale. On a whole it can be said that Social commerce is growing rapidly and has given shoppers new and almost limitless opportunities, brands have various options to enhance their E-commerce operations by making it more social. The big dilemma that most brands face especially if you are a start-up is how to go about with Social Commerce. Here we elaborate on how you can about Social Commerce.

  • The first thing to do is setting up your Social commerce store and letting this know to your fans through various Social Media options such as blogs, Twitter, Newsletter and others.
  • Have content in place on how you want to update your fans about new products and promotions. This will help you in keeping your fans engaged and will also do word of mouth publicity for you.
  • Make your fans feel special; don’t let them feel as they are taking to some automated feed. Keep the human factor alive let your fans feel as if they are walking into a real store and taking to a Sales rep and not just any virtual store. Strengthen your fan base by taking feedback from them on new products or existing products, let them share their thoughts.
  • Entice your fans to shop at your Social store by giving them exclusive deals and discounts which will not be available to them at a real store. Games are hit on any Social Platform depending on the product that you have, offer your fans something exclusive which they can redeem on such games or anything else.
  • Social Networks are used by people to stay connected with each other and to share things with each other and if you want your store to be a hit then you need to encourage your fans to generate interest in your brand by sharing their activities across their friends. Promote with your fans this is the best way to promote your brand to a larger audience.

These are just a few basic ways of going with of social commerce. You can be more creative with your approach it’s all about getting the right formula for your brand.

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