Annex Cloud- Life in the Fast Lane

by Sean Ogino |

Life at Annex Cloud is anything but slow. It’s strange when I talk to people about their job and they vent and complain about how bored they are at work. They tell me how they spend the majority of their day looking at the clock counting down the hours till they can make a break for the door and head home.

Our work day is anything but boring. From the moment you get to your desk to the moment you walk out the door at the end of the day you are constantly going or how I like to put it, “on the grind.” At Annex Cloud there is no time to be bored, there is no time to be unmotivated, and there is definitely no time for lack of passion. This is what makes working at Annex Cloud so great.

The office is filled with people who truly love what they do. It is like no place I have ever stepped foot in. We feed off each other’s motivation, accomplishments, and knowledge. The passion that every person has in this company is unbelievable. It’s a little like when you find that perfect person and start a new relationship. You find yourself wanting to be a better person, work harder, and succeed because when you do you are now succeeding together. This is how working at Annex Cloud makes you feel. You want to be better, you need to be smarter, and most importantly… you can never slow down. As a team we are one. One strong, passionate, unique, and highly motivated force to be reckoned with that is.

If you want to learn a little more on who were are, who motivates us, and how we caught this contagious passion that runs through our office click over to and take a look.

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