Annex Cloud introduces ROI Driven Visual Commerce suite

by Sean Ogino |

Annex Cloud introduces ROI Driven Visual Commerce suite

The Role of Visual Commerce in Marketing


With the popularity of social media such as Instagram and Snapchat, the shift towards visual representation has risen tremendously. Everywhere you see on the social networking sites are beautiful pictures that tell a story of their own. And why not? The right hemisphere of the brain understands through pictures and is associated with creativity. The left part of the brain is the analytical mind, which processes more complex information such as words and languages. Therefore, the role of visuals while selling something cannot be just an afterthought. According to a study, a blog accompanied by a relevant picture has more 85% chances of holding attention than a blog with no image. This is such an important statistic. The visual commerce shoppic triggers base emotions which play an important role in building repetitive purchasing habits. That is the reason, companies use visual commerce to hold attention and influence customers’ buying decisions. A well-crafted visual commerce shoppic tactic can help to improve sales and conversions.

Visual Commerce: Increase engagement and create a visual impact on site with Instagram for a unique online shopping experience is driven by ROI focused analytics

Annex Cloud continues to push the boundaries of social commerce with the introduction of an ROI-driven Visual Commerce suite. Instagram grew to over 150 million active users in less than three years, twice as fast as Twitter and is continually growing as brands quickly jump on the bandwagon. Annex Cloud wanted to develop tools that would maximize the potential of Instagram and future visual social platforms to increase engagement, conversions and retention.

The Visual Commerce suite includes tools like Instagram Curated Galleries, Social Curated Products, Social Activity Feed, Products your friends like, Popular products in your area, and Social Wishlist. These tools are designed to create a visual immersive onsite experience that engages shoppers up to and at the point of sale. Shoppers that view genuine customer photos are 3-4x more likely to convert.

Keeping true to their eCommerce core, Annex Cloud delivers a Visual Commerce suite complete with social tools that track more than just engagement. Annex Cloud knows the importance of proving Social ROI for eCommerce and develop best practices to maximize these returns. Each tool has accompanying ROI focused analytics, tracking initial engagement to conversion. Clients will be able to see who their Top Influencers are, and exactly how much revenue is driven from each campaign. For more robust analytics, Annex Cloud dashboards now come complete with a Social Query Analyzer. Clients will be able to quickly pull data based on specific demographics collected from social networks’ APIs for smarter retargeting campaigns.

The Annex Cloud Difference

all in one

Annex Cloud’s social commerce solution differs from competing vendors by offering a full suite of tools, using social graph data and social engagement to drive conversions and revenue rather than settling for surface-level engagement metrics.

Easily turn an Instagram curated gallery into a part of a Customer Loyalty program complete with Social Login. All Annex Cloud tools can be easily integrated with each other for a complete social commerce solution in one place.

Annex Cloud has found that retailers implementing its onsite social tools have an average monthly reach of over 350,000 visitors. Additionally, shoppers that engage with visual commerce tools are 3 to 7 times more likely to convert.

If you are looking to implement visual commerce shoppic to improve your conversions, contact our loyalty experts now!

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