Why Your Site Should Have an Instagram Curated Gallery

by Sean Ogino |

Why Your Site Should Have an Instagram Curated Gallery


Instagram is widely considered the fastest growing and most frequently used social media network out, especially within the millennial demographic. As is the case with most growing social media platforms,many brands are still trying to figure out the most effective ways to utilize Instagram. Surprisingly (or not so surprisingly), most companies are having a hard time figuring out how to integrate this platform into their social mix in a way that doesn’t seem forced. Instagram is a very organic experience that is used by people who don’t really want to be exposed to anything that remotely resembles advertising. So, how do you leverage it in a way that makes sense for your business?


One of the best ways to capitalize on this platform, and create some sort of tangible result in the form of ROI is the use of Instagram Curated Galleries. This tool can accomplish various marketing goals simultaneously and will be soon be considered a must have for many ecommerce websites. One obvious and major benefit is the ability to provide additional engagement opportunities between a brand and it’s most loyal consumers in a visually appealing manner. In an era where visual content is a dominating trend, the added value of consumers seeing your product used or worn in real life can not be understated. Impressions, mentions, and engagements all receive a spike in numbers as a result of this tool. The results are not all about engagement however. There are benefits in terms of ROI and retention as well. A user is more likely purchase let’s say, a pair of jeans, if they can see someone wearing them in a picture posted directly on the product page. This tool answers the “what will it look like” question that far too many online shoppers ask before eventually abandoning a product. Instagram Curated Galleries also create a way more user friendly experience that builds trust between a brand and its consumers over time.

Essentially, by using Curated Galleries an eCommerce site has the ability to take advantage of the blatant consumerism that dominates Instagram, and specify it to their own brand and product. Think of it as an extension of the consumers social media experience within their natural flow of interacting with your website. It is an enhancement to that experience to say the least.

You can check out an example of a live Curated Gallery here.

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