Seduce Shoppers with Social Data

by Sean Ogino |

You don’t try to kiss your blind date as he or she first arrives at the table, so don’t use social data to get hot and heavy with new shoppers. Product discovery, site relevance, and brand interactions are great ways to use social data to seduce shoppers, but class is key.

Product discovery

Help shoppers discover what they need by using social data to segment customers into demographic groups, highlighting products that are more likely to be relevant to each shopper. Shoppers who find exactly what they are interested in are more likely to go all of the way and check out.

Don’t turn shoppers off by limiting them to default product displays based on their Likes and Interests. It’s best to subtly highlight what may interest them most, without overshadowing your other assets.

products your friends like

Personalized emails

Sync verified email addresses from social APIs with customer profiles within your ESP to email relevant recommendations, and to offer incentives to help seal the deal. Emails from shoppers’ preferred social networks are more likely to be their primary contact information, so you don’t get dissed with bogus contact information.

Don’t creep shoppers out by using their verified email addresses to let them know that you miss them, that you know what city they live in, or that you wish they would visit more.

Reward social influence

Charm shoppers with incentives based on how many friends they refer back to you. Getting in good with like minded friends can help keep your relationship strong and keep your customers loyal.

Don’t expect a one way street. Just asking your shoppers to share their friends with you won’t produce results and is likely to leave your customer feel used and unappreciated.

personalized emails

Birthday reminders

Make your customers’ lives easier by helping them remember the birthdays of their friends on social networks. Show that you care by taking the extra step to include gift recommendations based on the likes and interests of their friends.

Don’t send birthday gifts without getting consent then billing retroactively. Let your customers wear the pants in this relationship.


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