Responding back to customer complaints on social platforms

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Social media has empowered business to advertise their brand and boost sales similarly it has empowered the customers to use social platforms for their benefit and utility of conversing with companies directly. Social platforms are the latest platforms where customers interact with the company in a straight line, instead of going through the long route of telephone conversation or even e-mails.

This empowerment of customers shouldn’t be taken lightly and you should be ready to face both negative and positive replies and reviews. Appreciating positive comments will definitely boost up your social status but ignoring the negative ones will do more harm to your company that you can think of. Social media is all about quick effect and usually things which are bad or negative go around with more speed than things which shower positive light on any brand. Hence paying attention on customer complaints on your  company page is essential as the chances of small issues of getting snowballed very quickly on social networks is common if proper  and effective response is not generated quickly.

Never be reluctant when it comes to answering customer complaints online, instead use this opportunity to clear the queries and win customer trust. This not only helps in solving the customer issues, but also helps you to lure in more customers. Initially when the customers’ complaint it’s hard to digest and follow up the query online but when the issue is sorted out it can work in your company benefit as the customer with the complaint will become more loyal to your brand and eve share and recommend your company among friends, family and community.

It’s important that you should have a well trained customer service department which should be assigned the task of dealing with such queries. These people can come up with solutions to the problems as quick as possible and it’s essential that they be humble, patient and responsive towards customers and their behavior.

Even try and keep the conversation personal and friendly and if possible try to convince the customer to share the problem offline and not on social platform. Solving the problem is very necessary, because your reputation is at stake online where thousands of people can see and monitor you. Another mistake that you should avoid while responding back to a consumer complaint is that never try to delete complaint posts or customers who complained, this will bring a bad name to your company and even worsen the matter. Solve the matter in a transparent manner where others can see you hard inputs towards rectifying an issue from your side.

The complaint from customers on social networking platforms is nothing to be worried about rather it should be taken as an opportunity where you can share your side of the story, solve the problem gain customer trust, maintain old buyers and lure in more leads.

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