Referral Marketing for Fashion Companies: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

by Sean Ogino |

Referrals have always worked almost in all industries simply because unlike any marketing email from some unknown company, they come from someone who knows you. Naturally, there is no lack of authenticity about it…and that’s 84% of shoppers trust referrals. And referral marketing for fashion businesses makes perfect sense. When you see friends wearing an elegant jacket, or cool sunglasses, how many times have you asked them “where did you get that?” When you implement referral marketing for fashion sites with robust software, you’re systematizing that word of mouth magic.

The basic reason behind this questioning is fashion is highly aspirational. As soon as someone is wearing something nice, their friends want to know where they’ve gotten their clothes from. Referral marketing for fashion companies does the same thing. It allows you to tell your closely related people to buy from a particular shop. And that’s why fashion industry and referral are the natural partners, as they both live and grow on the principle of virality.  The following graph shows how beneficial referral marketing for fashion companies has been.

referral increase chart

On a more granular level, our latest case study shows that our Sharing and Referral and Social Login solutions grew a footwear client’s email list by 20% and boosted orders by 38% over a year! The seller, Vivobarefoot, saw a 10:1 ROI.

That aside, referral programs are not just about creating a reward structure, promoting it and rewarding people for referring your brand to their friends. That’s just the basic outline. Lots of factors need to be scrutinized before and while implementing it. To make sure that the referral program will work for you in a respectable manner, you will have to mull over two main aspects. They are the keystones- almost like ideological building blocks of a referral program. They are as follows-

Referral Marketing for Fashion Businesses: Make People Talk About Your Program

Your Refer a Friend program cannot help your brand if consumers don’t know about it. Promote it extensively on social media, on your site, in emails, and elsewhere.

Society 6, for example, sends dedicated emails.


You don’t necessarily have to make the referral program the main focus of every post or email–your messages can be about your brand’s attributes like trendiness, value, quality, timelessness, or your excellent customer service. Just make sure to mention the program, too!

If you are still not able to figure out about the topic that you want to make viral on social media, you can take help of A/B testing. You can try various topics to analyze which topics are resulting in more discussions about your referral program or you can see which topics are making people share your referral program on their own profiles.

For more tips on promoting your referral program, check out our white paper, “The Step-by-Step Guide to a Powerful Referral Program!”

Referral Marketing for Fashion Shoppers: Ask Them At the Right Time 

When is the right moment to ask a customer to share your fashion brand? Our experience says that it is when the customer is at the point of greatest delight, i.e., right after they’ve placed an order on the post-purchase page, and then right after they open up their package. For in-store shoppers, the peak delight occurs right after the purchase.

Remember that marketing is all about timing. Your customer has placed an order after doing their research and  going through various questions and answers forums. Similarly, there is a human tendency that makes them talk about their recent purchase. Don’t you see that people post on Facebook about their buying a new TV or car? It’s just in accordance with that tendency. Thus, it’s perfectly logical to ask your customers to share their purchase with their friends. It has the benefit of a good volume of traffic too.  This is useful for AB testing the elements of your referral offer.

In A Nutshell…

People want to know where their friends are buying clothes and accessories. Referral marketing for fashion sites makes this possible on a wide scale. Remember that there are many details of your referral program to customize and test, as highlighted in our post about A/B testing. Additionally, refer a friend programs don’t have to be online-only! There are many ways give them a robust in-store element. We care about the safety of referral programs too. This blog will help you in avoiding possible referral program fraud.

[White Paper]
[White Paper]