How to Increase Your Refer a Friend Solution Revenue by Over 500%

by Sean Ogino |

How to Increase Your Refer a Friend Solution Revenue by Over 500%

A Refer a Friend solution, the digitalized form of traditional word-of-mouth, is more than handy when it comes to spreading the product awareness among potential customers. But it may fall short when the goal is to achieve more than that–just like what Vivobarefoot, a British footwear manufacturer, had in its mind.

Vivobarefoot presented a complex set of goals in front of us. Their team wanted to maximize its customer base in different countries. Additionally, they wanted to accentuate loyalty and advocacy among existing customers. And finally, they didn’t want different software vendors for different solutions and different countries.

It was apparent to us from the moment we heard all these goals that a Refer a Friend solution alone isn’t the key to crack the code of such a multi-layered wishlist. A Refer a Friend solution fosters growth in a customer base and does a good job of rewarding longtime customers for their advocacy. However, those aims were only part of Vivobarefoot’s goals.  Also, they didn’t want to have multiple vendors and softwares. The need was to have a comprehensive and unified platform where multiple solutions for multiple goals could exist simultaneously.

Keeping in mind the goals and the need to have a single platform, we decided to implement multiple solutions from Annex Cloud in two phases. In the first phase, we implemented Refer a Friend solution, Share and Save, and Social Login solution. 

Vivobarefoot's Dutch Refer a Friend solution

In the second phase, we implemented Ratings and Reviews and Customer Loyalty for the realization of the second goal, which was to boost the loyalty and advocacy. Learn more about the logic and strategy behind the two-phase implementation in our case study!


  • From May to June 2016, Vivobarefoot increased its Refer a Friend solution revenue across all its sites by 556%.
  • Referred friends had a 32.1% conversion rate, an almost tenfold increase from the site’s average conversion rate of 3%.
  • Share and Save gathered over 11,000 new email addresses in six months.
  • Orders placed through Social Login grew by 563% over the past year.

While there’s even more information in the case study, one important tactic for increasing the revenue of their Refer a Friend solution was in its promotion. Simply placing a CTA on their homepage and promoting the program on social media was at least partly responsible for this success.

Of course, the solutions that we provided were powerful enough. But the real game changer was the way we used them. So, what value proposition we did place on Share and Save? How did we incentivize a Refer a Friend solution? And what did Vivobarefoot had to say about this stupendous success? To know the answers, going through this case study is a must. Know how we did it!

[White Paper]
[White Paper]