Recipe for a Great Client Success Manager

by Sean Ogino |

Recipe for a Great Client Success Manager

Who is a Client Success Manager? What does a client success manager do? How important is a client success manager to your company? These are some of the uncommonly asked common questions. While the marketing and sales team put in all their effort to convince the client to do business with them, it is the client success manager that nurtures his relationship with the client. By running a SaaS company, you quickly learn that the SaaS model is highly dependent upon two major apertures in its revenue generation funnel; the first is revenue in the top and the second is churn out the bottom.

It is completely evident that successful SaaS companies must keep the top aperture of the model as wide open as possible through lead generation and to keep the aperture at the bottom as closed as possible. It is this bottom aperture, that is controlled completely by – team client success. It takes equal if not more effort on his part to maintain that business relationship and convince the client that the decision to come onboard was not merely a sales gimmick.

Client success manager is not just the first point of contact between the internal team and the client, but also the one that answers client questions, provides best practices recommendations and most importantly, works closely with the client to keep them happy and satisfied. He is involved in the full client lifecycle starting post-contract and continuing throughout their subscription period. He guides the client through programs, processes and best practices to show maximum benefit.

What differentiates a Great Client Success Manager from a regular one:

  • Attention to Detail
  • Proactive rather than Reactive
  • Quick response times
  • Keeps a keen eye on  the performance of the clients, to recommend appropriately
  • Nurtures their relationship with the client.

As the company grows, the client base grows and so do the challenges to maintain a healthy and a close relationship with the client. As challenging as this role can be, it helps you understand every aspect of the business and maintain thorough control over client management.


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