Recent YouTube changes and your Business

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Recently YouTube got a makeover and so did the future of online entertainment and business. The new design and navigational changes are getting mixed responses, but these changes are greatly going to affect your business and hence you need to keep a track of them are implement changes in your online social media strategy.

The new channel page has had some new developments making it look entirely new, but the purpose it serves is still the same. Use of keywords makes the search more efficient hence activating, updating and optimizing your channel quickly will serve your purpose even better. Editing channel details, then activating blogger template, editing your featured videos and then finally adding your links will help in optimizing your page properly and you’ll get ranked easily for your main keywords.

The new home page is the thing which has been rearranged a bit and has resemblance to Facebook’s live feed which is a subscription feed featuring the latest content and updates from your subscribers. If you are active and consistent with posting latest and fresh content on YouTube you get a great exposure. Your audience share, comment and give you a wider audience base featuring you on the subscription feed. More potential of sharing brings in more viewers and more possible customers.

YouTube analytics has been newly introduced and has been a development from the previous YouTube Insight .Here you can keep a track of your audiences, your videos and your activity on YouTube. ‘Audience retention’ and ‘Playback locations’ features help in studying the views and habits of audience ,it even allows you to see who is embedding your videos and even assist you in keeping a watch on which blogs and websites are giving views. You can analyze and thus work towards betterment.

YouTube is the third largest website in the world and a perfect platform to showcase and develop your business out here.

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