The Real Desperate Socialites of eCommerce

by Sean Ogino |

The Real Desperate Socialites of eCommerce

Meet Alicia, she Tweets about her grocery runs, Instagrams her morning coffee, sends Facebook invites instead of invitations and enjoys long walks on the beach.

But Alicia has a problem, she is so inundated by social media that she can only spare a few seconds of her attention. She gets an alert that her friend shared something on her wall. She sees a new Brand’s Contest for a chance to win a $1,000 shopping spree. She goes to the Brand’s page but doesn’t see how to enter. She Likes the brand to see if that unlocks it, still nothing. In a last ditch effort, she makes her way to the Brand’s site to see if there are more details. The site did not have a single mention of their contest so after a few seconds, she gives up and leaves.

This real desperate socialite could have been a loyal brand advocate. With her active social life, she would have referred friends, shared news, and easily become a repeat customer. Without the proper Social Commerce platform, this Brand lost out.

Alicia is not alone. 96% of unhappy customers don’t complain, however 91% of those will simply leave and never come back.

In order to turn desperate socialites into brand advocates, follow these few simple guidelines:

Be loud

Market your campaigns across all your social networks, include call-outs in your email blasts and keep it top of mind with a shout out on every page of your website. Whether you are holding a contest or starting a new campaign, make sure your shoppers see it. Increase engagement by spreading the news on a variety of social networks not just on your site.

Be worthwhile

In this scenario, Alicia was genuinely interested in the contest. This incentive made it worthwhile for 1. Alicia’s friend to share the contest with her and 2. Alicia to leave Facebook and search for the contest on the Brand’s website. Reward your customers to keep them engaged with your brand. Whether it be with an amazing prize for a contest or a long term incentive program like Customer Loyalty. Your customers will feel appreciated and return the love by becoming Brand Advocates.

Be attentive

Understand what your customers want and need. The new generation of consumers are plugged in and use social heavily in their lives. In order to cater to this group of consumers, leverage social in your marketing campaigns. Create a social contest to run alongside an in-store contest, use social to introduce new collections and announce sales or promotions.

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