Ratings and Reviews Emails: When to Pull the Trigger

As you’re guiding your customers through the process of writing and publishing a product review on your site, you’re going to need to remain in communication with them. Unsurprisingly, email is the preferred method of contact for these sorts of messages. You should set up several different kinds of triggered emails to automatically notify customers of pivotal updates in the process of writing this helpful user generated content.

In case you’re nervous about your triggered emails making it seem like you’re overwhelming your customers with messages, take note of the fact that automated emails can generate 175% more revenue and an 83% higher conversion rate than manual emails.

While you don’t want to inundate your customers with emails, here are the three sorts of triggers you definitely need to set up for your Ratings and Reviews solution:

  • Review approved: Customers want to see the fruit of their labors, so it’s good to let them know when their reviews are up on your site. 
An example of a "Review Approved" email.

An example of a “Review Approved” email.

  • Review disapproved: You’re undoubtedly going to encounter reviews that don’t meet your guidelines. When that happens, you should communicate to customers with a generic email saying that their reviews were disapproved. The message should also include a list of your guidelines and a link to write a new review.
  • Engagement with review: In certain review systems, other consumers can like, vote on, and comment on others’ reviews. Business owners, ideally, should be able to comment back on reviews. In these instances, you should send an email to the original writer to notify him or her of this engagement.

With all of these emails, you should include the product name in the subject line to avoid any ambiguity about the contents of the email. Additionally, you should use the messages to prompt customers to review more of your products.

Once you’ve set this up, you can look forward to using your Ratings and Reviews content for marketing, which we’ll write about soon!

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