If Quora and Instagram had a baby, it’d be named Jelly

by Sean Ogino | Social Sharing, Startups


After a year of selfies, its about time social focuses on helping others. Last month, Facebook rolled out their “donate” button which allowed users to give directly to charities and organizations on site. The latest social media app to stand up and try to fill this void is Jelly. Started by Twitter’s co-founder, Biz Stone, the app generates crowdsourced answers, think Quora meets Instagram. Whenever users come across something unknown, they can snap a picture, upload it and ask, “What’s this?” The app will send out the question to friends and friends of friends based on their social network on Facebook and Twitter. Jelly combines being social with utility, encouraging people to pay it forward with a bit of knowledge.

Since its debut last week, many critics seem wary of another social app, calling it a ‘vanity project’ for Stone. Others have criticized it for its lack of novelty and its dependence on social networks that already exist.

Despite critics outcries, big name brands have already jumped on board. Even Facebook’s Zuckerberg adopted the app, asking followers about a spider he found. While some posed questions, others answered them. GE got a little philosophical, while Travelocity hopped on board answering their fans dying questions.

(photos from mashable.com)

If this app breaks through, there is no question about the benefits this app would bring to eCommerce. Essentially a Social Q&A tool, users would be able to get real time feedback from friends and businesses alike. Users could snap product photos, ask product specific questions and brands would be able to interact with fans in a new engaging way.

With the simple motto of, “point, shoot and ask,” will Jelly deliver on its promise of a more connected society of people helping each other?


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