Quality versus Quantity on Social Media

by Annex Cloud |

Quality Quantity

Social media is constantly under debate over this topic of the quality over quantity. The quality of content, interaction and advertising over quantity is always discussed over and having a clash of opinions on it. But if we analyze the situation both quality and quantity are equally important for your business.

Quantity is important because when it comes to marketing and advertising your brand the more exposure you get the more it’s beneficial for your company. Having numerous videos, pictures, blogs and updates on the internet helps spotting you more easily and quickly. Quantity is even crucial because no one is going to follow or become your fan on a social network if all you have is 3 or 4 people listed s following or liking you. The more number of clicks your videos have the more they feature in the subscription feed and are again into the public eye. Quantitative work definitely gives you a wider exposure, but quality in the quantity is essential as it is what makes your brand trustworthy and customer friendly.

The quality of the content, advertisements, interaction and products make all the difference. If your blogs posts are lengthy but fail to solve the purpose of writing it and doesn’t even impress the reader then your work and time has gone waste. Hence writing short but qualitative content which actually educates the reader will be beneficial. The main job is to present your idea to the audience doing it elaborately is not necessary keeping it simple and quick will do the trick.

When it comes to advertising it’s important that there should be a great amount of exposure to your company but with the right use of words, creativity and information. If you advertisements fail to lure the customers your actual plan fails.

User interaction should have quality and transparency. It’s any day better to have a few followers (Note: not very few, as mentioned earlier quantity is essential too) with whom you can interact regularly, answer queries and even post in updates than to have too many followers that you fail to manage the whole customer interaction thing and thus loose many prospective customers.

This whole difference between popularity and influence of a brand totally depends on the user experience. If your brand is popular but it fails in the terms of products and the services the influence it has comes down, eventually affecting the popularity as well.

Both quality and quantity have important roles to play when it comes to social media it all depends on how you channelize your strategy by managing both to work out beneficial for your business.

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