Quality Content, Free of Charge: 3 Steps to Implement User Generated Content

by Sean Ogino |


Creating quality content became businesses’ number 1 priority in 2013. Social is no longer about quantity, but quality. As consumers become more aware of ‘click farms’ and ‘like bots’, businesses must increase engagement, not just reach. Generating content is one way to see user engagement increase, but it can become time consuming and expensive.

In 2014, businesses will turn to user generated content. Users upload 45 million photos a day, free of charge, across every social platform. Fashion brands were the early adopters. Urban Outfitters and Bloomingdales have both taken advantage of the phenomenon, curating thousands of product photos, developing a loyal community of fans in the process for increased brand awareness, social reach and product discovery. Start capitalizing on this social trend with these three easy steps.

Step 1: Create unique hashtags
Easily collect photos and videos by pairing social campaigns with a short and catchy hashtag. These hashtags will allow you to keep track of fan’s photos and allow fans to easily search for your social campaign as well. Fun hashtags will even spark user engagement.

Step 2: Feature loyal fans onsite
Return the love by featuring loyal fans and exceptional product photos onsite. Fans will be even more willing to shop, share and like, knowing that there you acknowledge your fans. Drive brand awareness by creating product galleries filled with UGC and increase engagement by turning it into a voting contest.

Step 3: Personalize your business
2014 will be the year that social becomes more personal. Give your fans a face and personality to connect with, not just a business. Join in the fun and create your own company hashtag for employee photos and office videos. Consumers will be drawn to businesses that they can relate to.

User generated content enables businesses to create superfans and strong communities, definitely a plus in the era of the always connected consumer.


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