Putting Advertising In The Hands Of Your Consumer.

by Sean Ogino | Other

2012 has been a wild year for Facebook. From going public in May and purchasing Instagram in April to hitting the One Billion active users last week you can’t argue that 2012 has truly been the year for Zuckerberg. As the biggest social network in the world it is hard argue the fact that Facebook is one of the most powerful tools for Online Retailers in this modern age, but how to make use of it is the tricky part.

A new article published by SocialCommerceToday.com titled Is Facebook a Social Network or an Advertising Network? really got me thinking more and more about the direction that Facebook is headed. To most people, the everyday user, Facebook will continue to be the normal social network that they signed up for years ago. They will continue to connect with their friends and family and continue to ignore that little toolbar on the right of the screen where the majority of Facebook’s revenue comes from, Advertisements.

With this being known and as a frequent user of Facebook for the social aspects it is still a wonder that companies pay this ridiculous amount of money for a one inch ad that the majority of people ignore. Now I’m not sitting here and saying that no one ever clicks on these ad’s and that some companies don’t see ROI from them because that would be a lie, but as a user of Facebook for over 7 years I can personally say that I have never ever clicked on an ad while engaging on Facebook.

However, when it comes to the recommendations of my friends, this is a completely different story. When someone who I know and trust post a new site, product that seems interesting, or deal that they have been given I am almost immediately inclined to click back to that page and see what they have to offer me. The recommendations that people who we trust make are some of the most powerful recommendations and incentives to like and discover new products that there are.

Although it looks like the traditional advertising is going nowhere when it comes to Facebook I suggest eCommerce sites to think outside the box and to take the actions of your consumers into consideration. Let them be the ambassador of your brand, let them share your site and your product’s, and let them become as engaged in the shopping experience as they are when they are on Facebook. When you do I guarantee that you will see this socialized shopping experience connect you to thousands of new customers who will add to the extremely profitable following that you already have.

If you’re still wondering how to make this happen click over to https://www.annexcloud.com/our-product-sheets and check out the tools that can be the difference. It’s amazing what will happen when you put the advertising in the hands of your consumers.

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