Powering Purchases with Personalization

by Sean Ogino | Social Commerce

The personal touch makes all the difference, whether it’s with your morning coffee or a monthly newsletter. Shoppers appreciate it when businesses take the extra step to remember their name or their usual. 61% of consumers feel more positive about a brand when marketing messages are personalized, according to Ipsos Observer Survey 2013. Having a personal conversation with a shopper increases the time they spend with you and the likelihood that they’ll return. Remembering names and details is easy when you have 100 regular customers, but what happens when you have 10,000 or more regular customers visiting your eCommerce store? It gets tricky.

So, how do you scale personalization online? With the help of social tools and automation for easy personal touches onsite.

1. Start recon and get to know your shoppers’ “usuals”
Gather customer insights with tools like social login. The first step to personalization is finding out who is on the other side of the screen. Collect relevant information like names, email addresses, age, gender, location, and interests. Record buying behavior and keep track of which items each customer buys more often or which brands they are drawn to. This is their “usual,” products they come back for or buy multiples of.


2. Personalize their onsite experience
After you’ve done your recon, make use of all the data you’ve collected. Always greet them with their first name when they visit your website, check out, or browse around. 67% of consumers value personalization on emailed messages (Ipsos). Always start emails or newsletters with personalized greetings. While browsing make useful recommendations and suggestions based on their friends’ likes or trending products by location. While coats may have been popular on the East Coast during the past few months, those on the West Coast may have been browsing for shorts instead. Add a social activity feed to further personalize their shopping experience with their friends’ activities onsite.

3. Send helpful reminders
Utilize your emails for even more personalized marketing. When sending out check out confirmation emails make personalized suggestions based on the items in their shopping cart or their past purchases. Target customers who abandoned their shopping carts with similar items that have lower costs or when free shipping is available. Help friends become the best gifters with birthday reminders and product recommendations based on their friend’s favorite products.

Send helpful reminders

Social tools helps you personalize at a larger scale with ease. Social login helps you collect and gather insights, while implementing social ugc tools, like trending products, around your site helps to personalize your customer’s shopping experience online.


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