A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Retweets (and then some)

by Sean Ogino |

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Retweets (and then some)

The old saying goes, ‘a picture’s worth a thousand words’. In the new age of social media, this is more true than ever. Visual social sites, Pinterest and Instagram, blew up last year. Other social giants strove to catch up with update after update, optimizing their newsfeeds to make them more visual. Twitter, known for its 140 character limit updates, made a few tweaks, putting the emphasis on visual. Your Twitter feed now includes photos and videos directly instream.

This is old news. However, initial research from Buffer, sheds light on how much of an impact this update had on Twitter’s engagement. Buffer found that tweets with images get 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites and a whopping 150% more retweets. This is an overall 250% increase in engagement on Twitter. Adding an image goes a long way, but it isn’t as simple as uploading anything you can find. Optimize your photos for a visually engaging feed, with correct dimensions. Images are also searchable on Twitter. Take advantage of this feature by having bold photos with correct tags and headlines so they’ll stand out in search results.

The new generation of social media influencers love to consume visuals, evident from how quickly entirely visual platforms became popular. Follow Twitter’s lead and incorporate images into your site as well.

Worth a Thousand Retweets

Turn static product pages into a dynamic visual shopping experience.
There is a growing trend in eCommerce to integrate social curated galleries within product navigations. Most notably Instagram content, including fans’ selfies. These add an authentic touch to product photos, increasing conversion rates up to 4x.

Create visual focused promotions and contests
Jump on the bandwagon and try running social promotions on Instagram or Pinterest instead of Facebook. These social networks are great for visuals and will increase your social reach quickly with their large and active user base.

Take advantage of images and user generated content to boost SEO
Users are not just consuming, but also creating. Now that cameras come standard on phones, users are able to quickly snap photos almost anywhere they go. These visual social platforms are filled with user generated content which are SEO friendly on site and help boost overall pagerank. Make sure to include alt text, captions and appropriate file names for all images in order for search engines to identify them and rank your page.

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