Annex Cloud Announces Partnership With Klaviyo To Boost Email Marketing Campaigns Using Rich Loyalty Data

by Deepak Nautiyal |

Annex Cloud Announces Partnership With Klaviyo To Boost Email Marketing Campaigns Using Rich Loyalty Data

A leading customer loyalty and experience solutions company, Annex Cloud has announced its strategic partnership with leading email service provider Klaviyo. Annex Cloud integration with Klaviyo ESP will help brands to create & deliver rich and more powerful e-mail marketing communication to significantly boost customer engagement, sales and conversions. With infusion of rich, first party customer loyalty data into email marketing content, brands will be able to personalize customer communication to enhance the overall customer experience. Furthermore, the combined platform will allow brands to perform customer segmentation for identifying and targeting the most loyal customers by making use of the available first party, rich loyalty data.

The integration will also enable automatic syncing of customer’s historical data with future data to ensure entire information is available when required. Moreover, Annex Cloud loyalty integrated with Klaviyo ESP will also launch smart triggers corresponding to diverse customer actions to facilitate better engagement. It would include sending e-mail having referral link to loyalty program members, sending e-mail requesting customer to review the newly purchased product, sending welcome email to a brand advocate post successful referral program registration, triggering notification emails to customers about their loyalty program membership status etc. Brands will thus be able to deliver precise email communication that is not just relevant & personalized from the customer’s perspective, but also influences & engages them better.

Annex Cloud loyalty and Klaviyo ESP integration will also empower brands to leverage comprehensive loyalty data to gain a better understanding of their customers’ preferences and accordingly send relevant, personalized email communication that results in enhanced customer engagement. Global brands will be able to leverage the combined platform to drive better ROI from their email marketing campaigns and drive improved revenue. Personalized marketing communication definitely holds the key to facilitating improved customer engagement and the integrated platform made available by Annex Cloud and Klaviyo will empower brands to deliver more effectively in this sphere.

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