No one here at Annex Cloud is a Rocket Scientist, well there is one Project Manager named Arun…that’s another story, but we are big believers that if you have an Ecommerce company your first investment should be in social media because that is where your customers live.

There is this big misnomer in the Ecommerce community that certain demographics have not adopted social communities. That boggles my mind because that means that in the ecommerce world people have chosen to trust the web with their personal information when making purchases, but not sites like Facebook where they can connect with friends and family. It boggles my mind more that these people exist and that a company would seek these people out as their online consumers.

The demographic that people choose to point out immediately are the elderly, but I can just image my grandmother sharing all of the pictures she had of her grandchildren with all of her friends. Once you get over all of the bells and whistles isn’t that just the modern day pinterest, instagram and facebook? If I haven’t convinced you by now to stop throwing the elderly under the bus…can I please direct your attention to this site: www.ourtime.com.

Here at Annex Cloud we will concede a few things. People aren’t willing to share embarrassing or sensitive things from the internet, but isn’t that the same in real life? I would never share publicly that one of my favorite movies of all times is Billy Elliot (Ooops!), but most men wouldn’t. New technology has an acclamation period just like all new things…whether it’s a new haircut, new job, new apartment it all just takes some time just like the site Ourtime.com. I assure you the above 50 crowd are ready to reap the benefits of social media.

If you still doubt me read the above paragraph again because NEW ideas just need time to acclimate.


Andre` M. Davidson

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