10 Reasons To Use Annex Cloud’s Social Login Solution

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Why Should You Use Annex Cloud For Your Social Login? Learn 10 Reasons To Use Annex Cloud’s Social Login Solution.

We keep up with social networks’ frequent changes for you.

Annex Cloud integration architects are on top of Facebook, Google, and every other social provider, and have the expertise to immediately conform to breaking changes that will affect Social Login. A broken Social Login could cause many customer issues, and the ability to react quickly is essential for such an important feature on the site. Many times these changes happen within hours with no notification and can be as frequent as weekly from each social provider.

Adding new Social Login providers is a breeze.

New Social Login providers emerge frequently. With Annex Cloud’s Social Login, these logins are simple to add and integrate. For example, within just a few months of releasing their login API, Amazon login rose to the 3rd most preferred login choice for e-commerce. Adding Amazon Social Login to our suite was as simple as checking a box for our customers. New social providers launch and get to scale regularly and the ability to add them quickly without scheduling more IT work is a big business benefit.

Consistently get the latest social user data to personalize and drive revenue. 

Annex Cloud normalizes the data fields from each different social network so that the profiles of current customers can be automatically updated. We can also refresh the latest information about these people from their social network data, keeping all data up to date months after their account creation. In addition, your customer success team can also help you strategize and prioritize actions for your site in response to the data you collect.

A powerful dashboard that creates reports to maximize ROI. 

In addition to the social graph data, you’ll get ROI-centric reports that highlight what effect Social Login and each individual provider have on conversion rates, average order value, and referral revenue. Our strategists help you analyze this data and use it to optimize your site.

Data isn’t lost–you can understand and segment unstructured social data 

Annex Cloud stores and aggregates social data in an easy-to-access database with tools like the Social Query Analyzer, which helps you create custom segmented lists for all campaigns. Easily run queries and export lists based on age, gender, likes and interests, recent activity, and more.

Integrates seamlessly with 3rd party systems. 

Automatically sync social data with your ESP, CRM, POS, ERP, and other marketing systems for more actionable customer profiles that are visible and accessible across all levels of interaction. Supercharge marketing and re-marketing efforts with access to social graph segmented data. All of this functionality is supported by and integrated with your existing eCommerce platform, ensuring you are getting the full range of functionality you need to optimize commerce across all channels.

Universal social profiles of your top social influencers help grow your business. 

Social Login is just one aspect of engaging marketing. Annex Cloud offers a multitude of solutions, including User Generated Content, Customer Loyalty, and Advocate Marketing. These programs become more powerful when they work together. Additionally, integrating all social interaction data into one place allows building universal social profiles to manage your best advocates and influencers for your brand. This capability integrates with profiling and segmentation capabilities embedded in your current software, ensuring you direct promotions to specific audiences for maximum impact.

Our solutions are pre-built with e-commerce best practices in mind. 

Annex Cloud provides a Social Login experience that is designed for cross-channel commerce. Our Social Login is designed with best practices in mind, and our Customer Success Team offers advice that results in industry-leading implementations that produce maximum ROI. Social Annex architects continually test location, size, providers, and process flow to help our clients succeed.

Enhanced Social Login can be your seamless, global sign-on for all of your web properties.

Annex Cloud’s Social Login can provide a single sign-on mechanism for all of your sites to create a seamless experience for your shoppers, incorporating blogs, subsites, partner sites, and more with one quick registration.

End-to-end services from Annex Cloud included with your Social Login solution. 

Annex Cloud provides a dedicated team complete with a customer success manager to discuss best practices and goals, and implementation architect for all your development needs, as well as a design architect to make sure the solution matches the look and feel of your brand.

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