Mistakes your Business should avoid on Twitter

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Mistakes your Business should avoid on Twitter


Twitter can be one of the best things that can help your business growth and expansion only if used correctly and accurately. There are certain tips which are of utmost importance when you talk about your business on Twitter, as what you post and share can make or break your business reputation online and offline.

Here are some points which you should remember while presenting your business online, mainly on Twitter.

  • First and foremost it’s important to have a profile picture and correct information on your page. Using the logo of your company as the profile picture and sharing information and link to your company website is important. Incomplete profile is a big no no, and nobody follows or pays heed to an incomplete profile page.
  • It’s not necessary to follow everyone who is following you. There should be an balance between the number of people who follow you and whom you follow .Over-following doesn’t help your business in any sense, follow more quality brands than the quantity of brands to built in stronger connections.
  • Timing your tweets is another crucial factor. Continuously tweeting leaves a bad impression on your audiences and reduces down the importance of your tweet among your follower. The less you tweet say about 5times in an hour or so gives your tweet a stronger platform to get recognized and re-tweeted.
  • Never try to sell your products through Direct Messages, this leaves a bad impression on your company of stalking customers online and leaves your brand with a dire reputation.
  • Connect with your audience, never plainly ignore them. Asking questions on broader topics where everyone can contribute engages the audience and keeps them loyal towards you. Even answering user queries and without losing one’s cool is equally crucial. Using swear words or other kind of misbehavior doesn’t go down well with the audience and even with Twitter’s policy.
  • Avoid using links and other such tweets and stuff which are at high risk of exposing your followers to spam. One’s you lose the trust of your followers it’s difficult to earn it back.
  • The networking page is about your business ,but not just about your business it includes your followers as well hence it’s important to make the followers fell the same and interact with your business page in a more personal level. Giving a human touch with random questions and incidents sharing brings a level of transparency and connection between the followers and you.
  • All these things are of worth when you are active on Twitter. Just creating page is not enough, going ahead from the just virtually being a part to touching individuals’ life is the key to successful marketing and business growth.
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