Measuring ROI a big Challenge For Marketers

by Sean Ogino |

Measuring ROI a big Challenge For Marketers

As the year winds down, studies and case studies are being brought out for marketing teams. One study that was just released was from Awareness that showed the top goal for social media teams with over 75 percent is for better engagement towards their users to help drive sales.

A little over 40 percent of marketers don’t even know how to measure their social media marketing, that’s why most acknowledge that about over 50 percent of them consider measuring ROI their biggest challenge for the end of 2012.  Essentially most marketers are seeing that there is a necessity for social and other marketing exertions.

When it comes to brands calculating how well they are establishing their presence on social media platforms marketers measure the number of fans and followers they have, mentions of their brand across all social media platforms, and capture traffic that is coming through to their website.

Many marketers are trying to adapt to the new ways that social media is measured even if it is just capturing just how many followers you’ve gained. Having this kind of data is especially essential in moving in the right direction towards the way you want to present your brand.

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