Maximize Your Customer Loyalty Program

by Sean Ogino |

Maximize Your Customer Loyalty Program

There’s no doubt the popularity of loyalty marketing programs has consistently been on the rise with a reported 3.3 billion customer loyalty memberships in 2015 and a 26% increase in memberships reported since 2013. However, the flip side of that growth, is actual consumer participation has dropped. The average U.S. household belongs to 29 loyalty programs but is only active in 12 of them.

It’s not enough to just create a Customer Loyalty program, brands need to make their loyalty program stand out. After all, a 5% increase in customer loyalty would increase the average profit per customer by 25-100%. In light of this data, here are 4 ways to get the most out of your Customer Loyalty program.

Engage Beyond Purchases

A Customer Loyalty Program is about more than just repeat purchases, it’s about building high-quality, lasting relationships and fostering fully engaged customers. And a central pillar in that, is initiating communication and offering rewards beyond purchase-focused engagement.

  • Wish your loyalty customers a Happy Birthday and offer them a Birthday reward
  • Make sure you Customer Loyalty program is integrated with all your Social Commerce solutions
  • Follow up and reward customers them when they participate in UGC. Let them know when their reviews are posted or their questions are answered.
  • Execute engaging games and polls with gamification software.
  • Feature their Visual Commerce on your website and social media outlets and give them credit.

Execute End-to-End Marketing

Marketing shouldn’t stop when you hit your loyalty registration goals. Just like traditional brand marketing, you need to continually strategize, implement and improve the marketing tactics around your Customer Loyalty program.

  • Segment loyalty customers into categories based on engagement and tailor your messaging and rewards to them.
  • Strategically place loyalty calls to action on website including your homepage, registration and login pages and order confirmation page.
  • Take advantage of email marketing to call out loyalty point standing and special loyalty events.
  • Add tracking links to all loyalty marketing campaigns to monitor and optimize the most effective channels.

Create Engaging Offers

According to Gallup one of the biggest factors in getting customers fully engaged with a loyalty program is the quality of discounts and rewards. Tailor your rewards to your customers to ensure they see the value in your loyalty program.

  • Create seasonally relevant rewards to match your customer’s shopping habits and get them excited about your brand
  • Make your customers feel special and valued with surprise and delight rewards
  • Offer dollar off rewards to ensure your customer’s have the option of stacking them
  • Create a sense of urgency with limited edition or limited time rewards

Take Advantage of Omni-Channel Opportunities

Don’t limit your Customer Loyalty program to the online world, leverage omni-channel options to create an engaging experience no matter where your customers are. 73% of smartphone users are interested in interacting with their loyalty programs through their mobile device and customers are 43% more likely to make a purchase when mobile offers are part of a coordinated campaign across multiple channels.

  • Utilize a branded mobile app to connect with customers and give them an easy way to collect and redeem rewards in store.
  • Ensure your Customer Loyalty program is integrated seamlessly with your POS system to make reward redemption effortless.
  • Take advantage of in-store marketing collateral to advertise your Customer Loyalty program and upcoming loyalty offers.
  • Utilize beacon alerts to notify your customers of in-store loyalty offers
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