Making a good First Impression with User Generated Content

We all know that first impressions matter, whether it’s a conference, a new client dinner or a first date. Does your site make a good first impression? Make your site the one that catches your customers’ eyes by calling upon and showcasing your existing community of fans. This can give your site an immediate impression of activity, like seeing a restaurant full of happy patrons.

user generated content

Ask shoppers to rep your brand
Give shoppers a reason to share their content with you. Provide discounts for uploads that are upvoted by peers, host photo contests or reward customers who review and send a picture of themselves with purchased products. Once your biggest fans have helped populate your shopping experience with their content, new shoppers will join in as well. These are still considered user generated content and a great way to boost engagement across all shoppers.

Put your brand advocates front and center
80% of your social engagement will be done by 20% of your customers. Double down on the activity of that minority by showing your appreciation and showcasing their content prominently. Dedicated fans that feel they are appreciated will not only continue to provide high quality on brand content but will also bring in new customers through word of mouth.

Create multiple ways to play
Not everyone loves taking selfies or thinks of themselves as a fashionista, but you still want these people to contribute and feel that they are a part of your brand’s online community. In addition to focusing on the selfie trend, also put an emphasis on the fact that all shoppers can vote on user photos, leave ratings and reviews, and provide input on new products.


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  1. Kristie Waddell
    on July 15, 2014 at 8:34 pm

    Found this informative. Would like to receive more in the future.

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