Telecommunication Loyalty Programs – A Proven Approach for Customer Retention

by Grace Miller |

Telecommunication Loyalty Programs – A Proven Approach for Customer Retention

The tremendous changes and growth in the telecommunications industry have created new opportunities for providers and a battlefield for keeping customers. An increasingly competitive environment has arisen with the emergence of new networks. The ever-changing demands and preferences of customers have shifted the focus of providers towards building customer loyalty.

To compete in this new environment, providers are launching telecommunication loyalty programs to keep their customers satisfied and boost their loyalty.

What is a Telecommunication Loyalty Program?

A telecommunication loyalty solution is a customer retention tool that helps increase customer loyalty to a service provider by offering unique rewards and additional services.

Due to the subscription-based services, Telecom providers have less opportunity to interact with their customers. Once the contract ends, customers often start to look for providers with better deals.

Telecommunication loyalty programs with an omnichannel approach engage customers at every touchpoint. The program encourages customers to share personal information and use the mobile app by incentivizing them. It also engages customers outside of the buying cycle, which helps deliver a personalized experience to customers.

According to a survey by Accenture, 91% of customers visit a brand that recognizes, remembers, and provides relevant offers.

What Are the Benefits of Telecommunication Loyalty Programs?

The key to surviving in the Telecomm market truly depends on maintaining a long-term relationship with customers. Loyalty programs enable providers to:

  • Reduce churn rates
  • Maintain excellent relationships with high-value customers for a longer duration, which also boosts average revenue per user (ARPU)
  • Cut down on churn rates
  • Increase the level of customers’ satisfaction
  • Increase market share
  • Reduce advertising cost through targeted communication
  • Collect large amounts of data that provide insight into customer preferences

Customer relationship management and loyalty marketing can contribute to 10%business growth, whereas market share can decrease by 20% due to a lack of customer relationship initiatives in a telecom provider.

Top-Notch Features for Telecommunication Loyalty Programs

Now that we know the significance of telecommunication loyalty programs, let’s go through the various features telecom companies should include in their loyalty programs to address client needs and preferences.

Connecting Rewards

A loyalty program that offers a variety of rewards encourages more people to participate in your telecommunication loyalty programs. The rewards should be exciting enough to interest your customers while focusing on their preferences and needs.

Surprise Package

Personal touches, such as sending special rewards for their birthday, will make them feel valued and show that you care about them. It will also go a long way in increasing their lifetime value. Having a loyalty program unlocks lots of possibilities to be creative.

Experian’s survey says that birthday emails with exciting offers witness a 481% increased transaction rate and produce 342% more revenue than ordinary emails.

Tiered Programs

Deploying tiered programs can help you achieve a higher level of engagement with your customers. With a tiered loyalty program, the more customers rise in the ranking you created, the more benefits they are entitled to. Do not simply stick to one type of program; you can incorporate different features to maximize efficiency and boost engagement.

Ready to Harness Game-changing Telecommunication Loyalty Programs

A customer loyalty program is a highly recommended approach for businesses seeking new avenues to gain customer loyalty. A unique loyalty solution is helping telecom operators reduce churn, retain customers, and increase revenues.

Are you looking for specific insights into how telecommunication loyalty programs can help your company shape customer experience? Get in touch with our representatives today for a free demo.

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