Leveraging Social Media for Customer Service

by Sean Ogino |

Using social media as a part of your customer service strategy can beneficial depending on its executed. The following are some factors that need to be considered before getting started.

Be on alert on what’s being discussed on the web. Services such as Google Reader, NetVibes, Social Mention and others can be used to keep up with mentions of your company and brand. Set alerts for certain keywords, terms, and brand names to be immediately notified when new content is posted. Setting up a dashboard with these services is fairly quick and easy, the information comes to you as it happens. The more you know, the faster you can respond. These tools will help you to filter out content that is not relevant to your industry, business or brand.

Provide clear guidelines for your employees. Your company’s social media account is not a personal account, your employees need to understand that what they posting is on behalf of the company, and could reflect negatively depending on the content they post.

Do not discuss private or sensitive issues online; take it offline as quickly as possible. Sometimes you can’t resolve a customer’s issue in 140 characters, in such cases, calling the customer personally or sending them an email to resolve the issue is the best plan of action.

Acknowledge you have seen their message. When a customer submits a question or a request, and you realize that a quick answer won’t suffice, simply acknowledge you’ve seen their message, and that you will follow up soon with a more detailed answer.

Be authentic with your responses, there shouldn’t be a need check with public relations each time you’re responding to a question about your products and services. In today’s fast paced and ever connected world, it’s becoming more apparent that social media will play an important role in regards to customer service.

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