Let’s Talk: Leveraging User Generated Content

by Sean Ogino |

Let’s Talk: Leveraging User Generated Content


We’re really excited to bring back our “Let’s Talk” segment, where experts in marketing and loyalty come to discuss industry trends. This week, our Chief Strategist Al Lalani discusses best practices in user generated content. What are some practical strategies for optimizing your UGC? What do trends in peer recognition tell us? With 47% of the world’s top-performing brands relying extensively on user generated content, it’s pivotal to incorporate it into your marketing plan.

According to Lalani, the key is incentivizing users for submitting content that a brand can leverage for UGC. By awarding points for user actions, customers submit on average 70% more content to our platform. These are all reviews, photos, and other user generated content that our brands can use to help boost sales. See the below transcript for the rest of our interview:

How can brands best leverage their user generated content?

“What we’ve essentially enabled users to do is to personalize their UGC. So if a specific product has 1000 reviews and 500 images, what a customer really wants at that point in time is extremely important. Take an example, go to Google and type in a keyword. You want the first ten results to give you the right information. The same goes for user generated content.

You go to a product page, you want the reviews that are very pertinent to what you’re searching for. If a person comes into a page and they’re looking for birthdays and that’s what they put up in their search bar, we need to contextualize and show them all the reviews and pictures in terms of ugc for birthdays, right then and there.”

Why do consumers trust peer recognition so much?

“You know the challenge now, is there is so much information out there. We want information at our fingertips immediately. With the advent of social media, I can pull up my phone and I can essentially get an answer very quickly.

And sometimes those answers when powered by brands are not as trustworthy or they might not answer the context of what I’m looking for in terms of using that product. People don’t trust brands anymore, they trust their peers a lot more. They know they can get the answer a lot quicker and more contextually relevant to themselves.”

beautyWhy choose Annex Cloud for User Generated Content?

“First, we focus on the entire customer journey, not just the last point of where they are submitting the content. Thereby improving their experience and ability to customize the user experience as a holistic piece, not just for ugc.

Secondly, we help out personalizing ugc content. So if there’s 1000 reviews and 500 images for a specific product, we have the capability using our technology to surface the right content and personalize it immediately.

Third, we’re able to incentivize customers through our platform to submit more content than there would be. In fact, we see over 70% more content being submitted through our platform by incentivizing them through a loyalty program for example. And those are the three reasons why Annex Cloud is the best in class for ugc.”

Annex Cloud is an industry leader in best practices for user generated content. With brand trust dwindling, customers look to their peers for validation. By leveraging your customers and turning them into brand advocates, you’re likely to see increases in retention and referrals. Have questions about how to best optimize your user generated content strategy? Contact us today and we can find the solution that’s right for you!

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