Let’s Talk: Enterprise Loyalty Programs for Retail Brands

by Sean Ogino |

Let’s Talk: Enterprise Loyalty Programs for Retail Brands

Welcome back to our favorite segment, Let’s Talk! This is where thought leaders in ecommerce and retail discuss topics surrounding our industry. In this installment, our Chief Strategist Al Lalani speaks about enterprise loyalty programs for retail brands. As retailers grow, their needs become more unique to the brand. This is especially true in the case of customer loyalty.

The problem with plug-and-play loyalty apps is once you as a brand reach a certain threshold, your solution doesn’t scale. You need a customer loyalty program that not only scales with your business, but supports all of the additional incentives, marketing programs, and tech that go along with it. In this video, Lalani discusses the importance of customization and customer service during this pivotal business process change. Check out the full transcript below.

How do we service enterprise level retail and brand clients?

Annex Cloud was built ground up, not just as a product, but as a service to support the needs of enterprise clients really well.

First, it’s the ability to customize our solution to the needs and business process of these clients. In addition, it’s about security, availability across the globe, and globalization of our product in terms of different languages and currencies; are all built natively in the product.

But last and most importantly, we know when we work with enterprise customers we’re making a business process change. It’s not just a tool, but a solution to a larger problem. So we insert ourselves with our expertise and our customer success team into that environment to build that product and bring that solution to life.

How can we help larger retailers and brands grow?

One of the biggest things I talk about as we grow our customer base and revenue is the challenge of customer acquisition. Larger retailers and brands have very unique needs when it comes to specific solution sets. Especially when we talk about customer retention. They may or may not have had a program like this before. They may not have the services and architecture within their team to support this type of business change.

The way we can help larger retailers and brands grow is helping, lending, and extending that hand to become part of that team. We understand that for larger customers when implementing a retention solution, it’s a business process change for them, it’s a solution change for them. So we want to not only provide the best-in-class technology for them, that is highly customizable, available, and secure, but at the same time, be able to provide them the services to be able to change that business process in their company and become an integral part of their solution.

Why is it so important to build loyalty with large brands?

Large brands primarily sell all of their products through the retailers that carry those products. These brands don’t have a great, direct relationship with their customer. They might be a CPG brand or large manufacturer that doesn’t know who their end consumer is.

Through our receipt aggregator solution, what we’ve been able to successfully do is allow consumers to scan their receipts and add them to the programs of the brand. This allows the brand to connect with the end consumer, build a relationship with that end consumer, and ultimately increase retention and loyalty.

Annex Cloud is continuing its efforts to help grow and educate large retailers and ecommerce brands alike on best practices for enterprise loyalty programs. Our scalable unified platform is a great tool for retailers to build true customer loyalty. Does your loyalty solution fit the unique needs of your brand? Are you seeing the most year-over-year growth from your program? These are the important questions you need to ask yourself when implementing customer loyalty software. If you still have questions, contact a customer loyalty expert today!

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