Why you and your Business should use Lead Ads

by Bistriti Poddar |

Why you and your Business should use Lead Ads

Getting detailed information regarding your leads is an important part of any business venture that relies on prospecting. That’s why so many digital leaders use lead ads. For their businesses, making sure that we’re collecting email addresses and other Personal Identifying Information (PII), then using that information to keep in touch with them across all channels (with software like Social Bridge) is the only way to really make sure we grow our businesses.

Facebook, like LinkedIn, gives advertisers the opportunity to collect leads locally on the social media platform. Lead Ads allow you to capture information from marketing qualified leads (MQL) without taking any unnecessary extra steps. The interested party can simply fill out a form right in their Facebook or Instagram app. There is no need for them to leave the platform and more importantly, there is no disruption with your marketing. It feels less intrusive and more inviting.

These Lead Ads are a good tool to make a good ROI and see lift in your revenue by reaching prospects where they are already spending the majority of their time. Let’s look at some of the pluses to see why they work well.

Lead Ads Prevent Lead Drop-offs and Bounces

Every click to another page is another chance for your potential prospect to bounce off the page. By collecting natively on the social media platform (in this case, Facebook), you increase the likelihood of converting them immediately instead of losing the lead.

Learn more about your audience (and increase personalization)

By using lead forms on social media channels, you build out the audience on your chosen social media channel so you know who will convert on that channel. Clicks are nice, but guaranteed conversions on the social media page let you really see who your real audience is. On top of that, it gives you the information you need to build personalized landing pages and messaging to continue to reach that audience and lift your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Combine that with an Audience Unifier like Social Bridge and you can reach the targets you want to reach on all of your channels.

Help your SDR and Market Response Teams

Lead ads also give your SDRs a good sense of who will convert in their potential Outbound and Market Response campaigns. With enough data analysis (and a sizable pool to analyze), you can see the differences between converters and information seekers. It also, usually, let’s the prospect schedule a meeting with your SDR, therefore taking away another pain point so you can convert faster.

Grow your Email List

Growing your email list is a major plus in favor of using Lead Ads. Even if that prospect can’t convert immediately, having them in your email lists so you can nurture them is crucial for the continued growth of the company. Using Lead Ads just for this purpose can be more than enough if the opportunities created from nurture campaigns pan out.

If you’re looking to lift your revenue and find more customers that will fit in your active bracket, Lead Ads are the perfect avenue for you. To see the best way to unite Lead Ads and your Loyalty Program, speak to one of our product specialists today.

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